Our Show and Hunter canes

There are many uses for canes in the show ring, particularly in the in-hand sections. They can make a good outfit look great, with the finishing touch, and also very useful as a extension of your arm to direct your horse as well.

All are now made on the Fibreglass core, for durability, and strength. particularly for the longer canes,

Our canes are made with quality Kangaroo Leather,  

colours are dyed twice to retain the colours, so wont run if you get them wet

Once the canes are made, the leather is treated with a sealer, for shine and protection

There is a variety of toppers available from the coloured, mosaic, crystal, fox heads, horse heads and the list goes on

most are available in gold or silver, even Antique Gold is available.


Canes can be made in your requested size, or most in stock Canes

are made within the 40cm-69cm range

any questions, or if you would like a custom cane, please use the message us button